Able to adapt to and endure lower light conditions and generally poor treatment, The Rubber Tree is a winner indoors. . Grow Rubber Plant for cleansing the air indoors. Rubber Plants are a popular houseplant choice due to their ease of care, attractive foliage and tree-like presence. Ideal to be planted as ornamental roadside trees or along highway median to beautify the landscape. Variegated Rubber Plant has red midribs and bright, creamy yellow margins on each leaf. Few indoor plants are as easy to grow as rubber trees (Ficus elastica). Passive hydroponics, semi-hydroponics, or passive sub-irrigation is a method of growing plants without soil, peat moss, or bark. Get Quote. Contact Supplier Request a quote. Perfect for bringing color and life to entry areas, empty corners and mixed plant groupings! Uses. Variegated Rubber Tree Plant ‘Tineke’ (Ficus elastica hybrid) One of the easiest foliage houseplants to grow, the Rubber Plant is ideal to fill a low light space in a home. We have long time … Nature Sense. Only 1 left! Call +91-8048361300 Dial Ext 715 when connected. Ficus elastica is the classic Rubber Tree, Rubber Plant or India Rubber Plant. Indian Rubber Plant Indoor Tree Easy to Grow Evergreen House Plant for Home, Office & Conservatory 1 x Ficus Eleastica Robusta in 12cm Pot by Thompson & Morgan 4.0 … Great specimen trees for landscaping. Variegated Rubber Houseplant Problems. $17.99 shipping. Sale! Rs 199/Piece. Verified Supplier. The Variegated Rubber Plant has thick, light green leaves margined with various shades of creamy white. Native to India and Malaysia, elastica is among the oldest plants used as houseplants worldwide. For a colorful contrast, new leaves appear with overtones of pink from bright red sheaths that cover the unopened leaves. Striking variegated rubber tree plant. $12.99. Currently stands at 1.5 ft tall in a 6" pot. Perfect for all kinds of containers. Pink Variegated Rubber Plant. Variegated Rubber Plant Ficus elastica Tineke Plant house plant . Black rubber plant for sale. $44.99. ... Be the first to review “RUBBER VARIEGATED” Cancel reply. We are the grower & exporter of various types of plants both indoor and outdoor plants such as Euphorbia milii (Crown of thorns), Aglaonema (Chinese evergreen), Caladium, S anseverias (snake plants), Ficus tree, Adenium (Desert ros e), Euphorbia Lactea(Coral cactus), Croton(Codiaeum variegatum), Zamioculcus Zamiifolia (ZZ plants) and more other plants. ***** I grow my plants in Semi-Hydronics in LECA medium. $16.99. As a houseplant, Ficus is very popular. There are several hardy species & varieties having attractive foliage which are grown as house plant worldwide. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Fertilizer 8oz Ficus Plant Food Improves Leaves And Branche. It has broad shiny oval leaves. RUBBER VARIEGATED ... Indian Rubber plant: Family: Moraceae: About: It is a large tree in the banyan group of figs. A sister to Ficus elastica, Ficus tineke is basically an impressionist rubber tree; pink painted leaves with white and green, these babies are beautiful. Usage: Ficus elastica ‘Variegata’ or Variegated Rubber Plant is popularly grown as a potted house plant. Ficus elastica Ruby Variegated Rubber Plant Pot 4” Christmas Best Gift Organic. Pink Variegated Rubber/ Ficus elastica Tineke . The variegated rubber plant, known as Ficus elastica tineke is possibly one of the prettiest plants of this year. $8.50 shipping. ‘ Tineke’ has exciting leaf variegation with the melding of green and white and contrasting overtones of pink in the central leaf veins.