Find new songs on Indie Shuffle, a music blog that helps you discover new music and playlists. At first glance, there’s not much in common between Bruce Springsteen and Vampire Weekend. She’s confident, she’s talented, and her solo take on The Beatles’ classic is proof that Annie Clark is more than just a sexy indie chick. The Morning Benders’ take on the classic and unfortunately short-lived UK band, The Smiths’ “I Won’t Share You” stays fairly faithful to the original. All My Life - Foo Fighters. Listen to and download indie covers Songs songs. Phoenix manages to replicate that same hypnotic ballad singing that Bob Dylan is so well known for through their cover of “Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands.”, Ben Gibbard knows how to give the people what they want. Bon Iver strips “With God On Our Side” down, allowing the audience to focus on the lyrics instead. Sometimes it’s about faithfully sticking to the script written by a master and other times it’s all about making the song “your own.” In between those two extremes is room for subtle touches, genre flips, restoration, and personal flair. Radiohead – “On the Beach” (Neil Young Cover), 27. Dirty Projectors – “As I Went Out One Morning” (Bob Dylan cover), 29. The Breeders didn’t just do Lennon and McCartney’s classic song justice with this cover—they gave it a new life with an indie attitude that only the ’90s could supply. The Black Keys – “Act Nice and Gentle (The Kinks Cover)”, 40. Every Christmas season, indie artists take it upon themselves to record or cover Christmas songs. Try also our SAD COVERS playlist Acoustic covers en ingles (english versions). Radiohead gives Neil Young’s “On the Beach” the paired back, straight ahead treatment, resulting in a cover that undeniably sounds like the work of the idiosyncratic British band while capturing the essence of their source material. Find new songs on Indie Shuffle, a music blog that helps you discover new music and playlists. The two bands may come from different eras and have different styles, but real recognize real, right? London's Lianne La Havas is one such musician. The Blacks Keys – “Dearest” (Buddy Holly), 19. Over restrained piano and strings she lets the songwriting speak for itself in this delicate take on a classic. Andrew Bird – “Oh Sister” (Bob Dylan Cover), 49. Not sure what Bowie would think, but we like it. Listen to and download indie covers Songs songs. Listen to The Best Indie Cover Songs now. Listen to The Best Indie Cover Songs in full in the Spotify app. Dirty Projectors – “Dark Eyes (Bob Dylan Cover)”, 9. But this take on John Lennon’s “Jealous Guy” is simply gut-wrenching. Slowing it down slightly and lightening it up with some piano, The Morning Benders nonetheless manage to capture that bittersweet sentiment of “if I can’t have you, no one else can.”. Most of the songs are laid back, soft acoustic tracks with a few upbeat covers tossed in as well. SocialSmut. Find new songs on Indie Shuffle, a music blog that helps you discover new music and playlists. When talking about covers, the goal is often to “make the song your own.” It’s a simple and obvious goal, but harder than you’d think, especially when it comes to classic rock. - stream 91 indie covers playlists including covers, indie, and acoustic music from your desktop or mobile device. When you think of classic rock, there aren’t many bands that embody the spirit as perfectly as The Rolling Stones. FEATURED FIND: INTRODUCING LEV, THE ARTIST PUTTING VULNERABILITY BACK INTO INDIE POP MUSIC. 2. love, or the lack thereof Isaac Dunbar • love, or the lack thereof. Best New Videos. Stripping down Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” to dark essentials, The Kills tease out turbulent overtones only previously suggested (and perhaps reflective of the state of Fleetwood Mac during the period that produced “Dreams”). The Kills – “Dreams” (Fleetwood Mac Cover), 34. The first thing that comes to mind when talking about Bruce Springsteen is rock ‘n’ roll; bold guitars and strong songwriting. Indie Cover Songs, Vol. Features Best Cover Songs: 25 Definitive Cover Versions You Need To Hear. New and approved indie pop. And when that organ hits? There’s a badass-ness about it that lends an even more formidable quality to it, as if being a Beatles song didn’t already command respect. Paul Simon’s “Graceland” is lively and rubbery, but with a voice like his, Kristian Matsson doesn’t need much help making a song move. Best of Instagram. LITTLE SIMZ) (OTG VERSION), BEST NEW MUSIC: VOX - SWIM GOOD (FRANK OCEAN COVER), DYAN - CYCLING TRIVIALITIES (JOSE GONZALEZ COVER), INDIE CHRISTMAS VIDEO: MXMS - CAROL OF THE BELLS, CARA SALIMANDO - NOTHING'S GONNA TO HURT YOU BABY (CIGARETTES AFTER SEX COVER), BEST NEW MUSIC: MXMS - SOMETHING IN THE WAY, BEST NEW MUSIC: KELLY LEE OWENS - MORE THAN A WOMAN, BEST NEW TRACKS: CARA SALIMANDO - NOTHING'S GONNA HURT YOU BABY, BEST NEW INDIE POP: JO&ME - TOO GOOD (COVER). All Day And All Of The Night - The Kinks. Scopri Believer di Indie Cover Songs su Amazon Music. It wasn’t just for her looks, although those doe eyes probably didn’t hurt. The only downside of this one is we only have a muddled live recording. Band Of Horses’ take on “Your Love is Forever is a straightforward one, but Ben Bridwell’s distinctive voice sets this one off and makes it feel like a song that was theirs for the taking all along. 3:07 0:30. Adventure Of A Lifetime - Coldplay. From classics to new compositions there is a lot to be loved. The Canadian indie duo takes up “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” by The Police for AV Club’s Undercover series, explaining that they chose to cover this song using “manic pixie dream girl” logic (whatever that means), and creating a slowed-down, melancholic reinterpretation. Last month, indie veterans Grandaddy reissued their 2000 sophomore album The Sophtware Slump, this time as a box set. Heroes indeed. Classic rock earned it’s name, and it certainly doesn’t need any fixing. Pavement mucks up Velvet Underground’s “What Goes On” by giving the song a grittier feel, but follows that guitar solo to a tee. Our current cover songs list includes classics from every era (with top indie covers from the past 20 years), and is listed out below. Jeff Tweedy – “I Shall Be Released” (Bob Dylan Cover), 26. Dance-ready new wave being interpreted by dance-crazed indie rockers? Pigeons & Planes is all about music discovery, supporting new artists, and delivering the best music curation online and IRL. #indie … When it comes to indie rock, not too many do it as accessibly and at times lightheartedly as Death Cab and The Decemberists. Elliott Smith has countless covers that wouldn’t be out of place on this list, including plenty from The Beatles’ arsenal. They give you a chance to hear what is most likely a massive tune, but slightly different; or in the case of this list: with a bit of a rough, rock edge. Tennis – “Tell Her No” (Zombies Cover), 39. Best Indie Cover Songs - Listen To Our Top 10 Picks - We Are: The Guard About. Wafia - Let Me Love You (prod. our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. No. Elliott Smith – “Jealous Guy (John Lennon Cover)”, 3. COMPLEX participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means COMPLEX gets paid commissions on purchases made through our links to retailer sites. Justin Vernon & co. saw the connection, though, and bridge the two sounds with this cover. Memphis-based Lucero’s lively sound might not be the one you’d expect to cover David Bowie, but Lucero turns up the energy and handles this one well. It maintains the message, but tweaks the medium enough that it works. Watch the snow fall with best indie-folk music in our winter compilation! Indie Covers of Pop Songs. One of the coolest things about a cover is hearing songs in a new light, like you’ve never heard them before. Often great covers work best via simplification–stripping down the elements to an essential core that highlights the qualities of the interpreter. “Rocket Man” is one of them, and My Morning Jacket recorded a rendition that softened the edges, making the effervescent cut a fuzzier, warmer version of itself, but without losing that indescribable quality that makes it one of the songs everyone in the world can sing along to. M. Ward – “Let’s Dance” (David Bowie), 28. INVESTING AND SUPPORTING EARLY ARTIST DEVELOPMENT, Investing and Supporting Early Artist Development, LIANNE LA HAVAS DREAMS WITH THE FISHES ON "WEIRD FISHES", BEST NEW SONG: SLENDERBODIES - TOXIC (BRITNEY SPEARS COVER), BEST NEW TRACK: ALT-J - 3WW (FEAT. Phoenix – “Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands” (Bob Dylan Cover), 32. Memoryhouse – “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” (The Police Cover), 48. Memoryhouse – “This Will Be Our Year” (Zombies Cover), 13. My Morning Jacket – “Rocket Man” (Elton John cover), 12. David Bowie’s “Heroes” has lent itself to covers before–the Wallflowers cover most publicly notable among them. London's Lianne La Havas dives deep on her cover of Radiohead's "Weird Fishes". 4. Back in 2007, NME voted this song No. On “One More Cup of Coffee,” the duo takes a moderately rockin’ Bob Dylan song and slams it with their signature bluesy inflection, imbuing it with an evocativeness that suggests both source material and the influences that swirl around their music. Hit “next” or click the pictures to read on…, It’s easy to imagine this one starting off with Andrew Bird whistling away some dewy morning. Longstreth and his band utilize a jangling guitar riff and bursts of vocals, strings and percussion to set the backdrop, putting Dylan in a new environment that makes a lot of sense once you hear it. The Black Keys – “She Said, She Said (The Beatles Cover)”, 14. The already beautiful song takes a tragic, desperate tone with Elliott on the microphone. And the shaking up is often by future icons in waiting. The guys have such a great understanding of how to bring something old into current times without fucking it up or making it corny. Be prepared to reminisce about an old flame. Indie Cover Songs, VII: Nirvana, Green Day, Pavement, Radiohead, Atlas Sound, Gnarls Barkley, The Rest & More Nirvana cover of Meat Puppets "Lake of Fire" from … Ascolta senza pubblicità oppure acquista CD e MP3 adesso su Death Cab For Cutie – “Free Fallin” (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Cover), 31. Annie Clark was recently voted Sexiest Woman In Indie Rock. © Complex Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The Feelies – “Paint It Black” (Rolling Stones Cover), 16. Online, everywhere. The Antlers nails their cover of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here,” increasing the longing channeled in the original by tenfold, making it the ultimate “love and lost” anthem. Best New Indie Pop. Every now and then it’s good to take a time out and look back. The Black Keys are one of the essentials of modern rock. Jeff Tweedy and Wilco understand the value of no-frills rock. Of Montreal’s front-man Kevin Barnes deserves some credit for his job on this cover of Lindsey Buckingham’s (of Fleetwood Mac) “Trouble.” Soft and vulnerable, Barnes locks up that feeling of missing an ex-lover. Scopri How Far I'll Go di Indie Cover Songs su Amazon Music. A very intriguing reinvention. Join Napster and access full-length songs on your phone, computer or home audio device. There aren’t too many rockers around today that can match that level of nonchalant style, but Allison Mosshart is certainly one who can. But over the years music has evolved and new styles are constantly morphing, building on each other, blending together, and trudging forward. The Kinks are one of the essentials of classic rock. If the White Stripes knew how to do one thing, it was rock. Patch in the signature string arrangements and gentle voice and this idea bloomed nicely into the Bird’s very own version of Dylan’s “Oh Sister.”. There are probably entire books dedicated to emphasizing the importance of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” When bands try to get cute and put a crazy spin on a classic, 9 out of 10 times it ends up being straight disrespectful. St. Vincent – “Dig A Pony” (Beatles Cover), 15. The Dimes manage a beautiful acoustic cover of “Donna” by Richie Valens. PAIN King Princess • PAIN. Bob Dylan and Dirty Projectors are a strange combination, and this cover unreservedly reflects that. The Dum Dum Girls – “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out” (The Smiths Cover), 21. Bon Iver – “Come Talk To Me” (Peter Gabriel cover), 35. Pavement – “What Goes On” (Velvet Underground Cover), 46. #indie pop. Mellow Indie Covers and Songs amaromarlon; 51 videos; 50,029 views; Last updated on May 28, 2014; Play ... (Boyce Avenue feat. The White Stripes – “One More Cup of Coffee (Valley Below)” (Bob Dylan Cover), 1. Daniel Isenberg is a contributing writer at Complex Music. In his on again off again “let’s get the famous friends together and have a jam” Record Club music series, Beck and some friends decided to have a go at the Velvet Underground and Nico’s eponymous debut album. The Cardigans – “Ironman” (Black Sabbath Cover)”, 36. 3. i wanna kiss boys cos i'm bored Lucy Sugerman • i wanna kiss boys cos i'm bored. Chill cover songs playlist with more than 100 tracks Even then, this is probably one of the more upbeat songs that Bon Iver has ever performed. Leonard Cohen songs typically traffic in adjectives like “aching” and “haunting.” An icy, spacious re-imagining by Nicolas Jaar and Sasha Spielberg is a perfect way to update Cohen’s work, keeping ache and wistfulness fully intact. It's difficult to fathom how many best indie rock songs of all time have been written aping Frank Black's yawping, self-deprecating lyrics and Joey Santiago's surf rock-indebted melodicism. 2:56 0:30. Enjoy this playlist with the best indie folk songs of the year 2018! 1. WTF. A definite gem of recreation. Using only a banjo and his vocal chords, this Tallest Man On Earth cover of “Graceland” takes on an almost painful tone, and it’s hauntingly powerful. Bon Iver – “With God On Our Side” (Bob Dylan Cover), 11. The White Stripes never shied away from surrealism or the hard charging blues rock so important to their canon. M. Ward discovers the soft underbelly of David Bowie’s electro soul in this unusual acoustic cover of “Let’s Dance,” expanding the character of a classic and spinning it into an unrecognizable web. Greatest Lists. Indie Cover Songs. Play on Spotify. If there’s one person to tackle a song like this, it’s Kim Deal, and that’s what she did on The Breeders’ 1990 debut album, Pod. 50. Lou fucking Reed could school any of these rappers claiming “swag” with his effortless cool that exudes from every vocal delivery he lays down.